Food is for nourishment but it's gotta be fun.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an insatiable appetite for delicious foods using loads of veg and whole foods. I was introduced to wholesome flavour at an early age because mum was a great cook.

Processed and fast food has never been my thing, however, I was a refined sugar junkie for over 25 years. I’m also well acquainted with binging on everything and anything, finding that the floor was my only comfort while my faithful body tried to figure out how the heck to ‘right the wrong’.

In 2008 my life changed. I became a single mumma with 5 year old twin girls. Instead of being unmotivated to cook or pig out on chocolate and chips because my heart was breaking, I ran into my kitchen and started cooking new and delicious meals. Our family dinner table was happy, yummy and fun amongst the sadness. Plus, I started green smoothieing myself free, eating good quality fats daily and making fun ‘clean’ sweet bliss. I began to glow from the inside out!

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Because food is the most powerful medicine on the planet for your body.

You can regain your life to enjoy the gift of delicious food. The ongoing cycle of ‘flare-ups for months and years leaves the body very deficient in nutrients. As long as the gut wall is damaged and your gut microbiome isn’t healthy, you’ll be juggling what you eat forever. Addressing the root issues and allowing the gut lining to fully heal with prescriptive recipes and daily protocol are the medicine that your body needs to thrive.

  • Daily Repair Protocol
  • 6 Week Meal Plan: breakfasts, lunch, dinner, snacks & sweet.
  • Recipes have been created, eliminating trigger foods, based on FODMAP & are prescriptive & yummy to heal & nourish the gut.
  • From Week 7 – Bonus Protocol: an extensive reintroduction of foods for the next phase of your healing.
  • Basic supplement suggestions
  • Daily Kitchen Organisational Plan to help you save time and organise your daily kitchen and prep routine.
  • Videos with me in the kitchen
  • Lifetime access
  • Closed Facebook support group -monthly live chats with me for support and inspiration.

“I look forward to you living the life you were created for. It’s your time to Be Free gorgeous.” Bec xx

"There’s something truly glorious about preparing and cooking with veg and whole foods. It’s raw and rustic, colourful and elegant and it’s deliciously fun!"



Because your body was designed for LIFE and not disease.

This course is the first step to turning your health around. It’s a video course that includes notes and recipes that will give you a solid foundation for you to build a thriving lifestyle.

Don’t settle for funny tummy, brain fog, exhaustion, wacky hormones, sleepless nights and headaches. I’ll coach and support you as your own personal health coach so you can thrive and glow, making this journey simple and deliciously fun.

  • 29 videos – delicious cooking with foundational dinner, sweet and snack recipes plus coaching.
  • Video: How to stock your pantry and fridge – because most foods for health you can buy at the supermarket, yet most foods that line the aisles are toxic.
  • How to quit dieting and refined sugar for life.
  • I’ll coach you how to eat and nourish the 4 body pillars of health: love your liver, feed your gut flora, support your immune system and nourish your cells.
  • A simple daily protocol to follow that can change your life.

“I’ll empower you to find JOY in your kitchen and ignite your passion for healthy living as you cook deliciously scrumptious foods that will give you massive returns – a life of strength and vitality.” Bec xx

All recipes and notes can be printed so you can start your Delicious Thriving Food Folder.


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ONLY $107

What thriving tribe are saying

Check out more testimonial thriving stories because their story can be your story!


You’ll glow from within and do life with a bounce because I’ll take the confusing and overwhelm out of eating for health.


I’ll coach you and support you as you make real, sustainable and lasting changes, one delicious bite at a time.


You’ll find joy in your kitchen as you love your gorgeous body because I’ll show you the simple and yummy path to thriving.


"Your body was designed to heal, build and restore itself every day. It knows exactly how to keep you strong and healthy. Genius!"

PLUS a shopping list – pantry and fridge checklist.


ONLY  $107


Because organised girls are thriving girls.

A busy schedule is one of the top reasons people eat take-away and fill their trolleys with a whole lot of processed foods.

I want to make this thriving journey simple and streamline and so I’ve done the planning because I’m passionate about seeing you THRIVE!

What you’ll get in this course:

  • 1 month of meal plans
  • 27 dinner meals – kitchen to dinner table. A complete, easy to follow, step by step guide.
  • 4 x Weary Wednesday meals – dinner on the table in 20 minutes
  • 4 x Freezer Friday meals because we all need a night off.
  • 13 lunch recipes and ideas
  • 23 sweet and snack recipes
  • 5 new breakfast recipes
  • PLUS a shopping list – pantry and fridge checklist so you can create a thriving pantry.

    This will take the “to hard” out of shopping.

“I’m super excited about the deliciousness of the dinner meals and sweets. Vegan, vegetarian and paleo girl – I’ve got you covered.”

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