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Here’s the thing - Health is simple and doable if you know how.

A healthy body isn’t for the distant future - it’s your time NOW and food changes everything. 


It’s magnificent and knows exactly how to keep you strong and healthy. Genius!

Making veg and whole foods ridiculously yummy and being intentional with food EVERYDAY is the way to thriving health so you’ve gotta love your kitchen Gorgeous. Food is first for nourishment, but equally it’s for the soul, so it has to be exciting!

There’s something truly glorious about preparing and cooking with veg and whole foods. It’s raw and rustic, colourful and elegant and it’s deliciously fun!

The standard Western diet destroys everything. Most foods for health you can get at the supermarket, yet most foods that line the aisles are toxic for your magnificent bod. We need to know how to navigate those perilous aisles, and don’t get me started on fast food outlets. It’s a mine field if you want to meet a friend for lunch.

My Masterclass series is your manual for healthy living. Any time you’ve dropped your bundle, switch me on and I’ll deposit LIFE right back into you. I’ll take you through a very simple daily protocol, which includes my signature power packed green smoothie, you’ll remember the WHY and you’ll be empowered to get right back on the path.

Whether you're vegan, paleo or vegetarian this Masterclass series will change your life. There’s lots of videos with me in the kitchen cooking up a simple but delicious storm and the recipes I know you’ll adore. I share tips and kitchen time savers so that even on those nights that you’re tired & hanging for the couch, I’ve got you covered.

 I’ll take you shopping in the supermarket for veg and fruit, pantry and fridge and you’ll know exactly what to put in your trolley.

Overwhelm is a robber to thriving health. We’re all busy and time poor so joy and yumminess is the strength you need to love your kitchen and cook the most scrumptious veg and whole foods that you, your fam and friends will love. That’s how you change your food world - 

one delicious bite at a time...

 because thriving health is about quality of life: energy, clarity, vitality, strong immunity and glowing skin.

My Masterclass series is bursting with goodness. It'll give you a bounce in your step,  so you can reclaim your energy and glow.

I’m your own personal health coach and I'll support you, making this health journey simple and fun. So grab your cuppa and your note book and let's get started.

I can’t wait for you to thrive and show you how easy health is Gorgeous.

Are you ready?

My Masterclass series is a game changer for your health - only $97. Because your body was designed for LIFE and not disease.

Here's my promise to you

  • Glow

    You'll glow from within and do life with a bounce because I'll take the confusing and overwhelm out of eating for health.

  • Thrive

    I'll coach you and support you as you make real, sustainable and lasting changes, one delicious bite at a time.

  • Love

    You'll find joy in your kitchen as you love your gorgeous body because I'll show you the simple and yummy path to thriving.

What my thriving gals are saying...


You’re amazing Bec. The course is life changing and something everyone should do for their health and their families. It has changed my life.


There’s so much depth of flavour in the meals that I’m suddenly the best cook I know.


It’s true! I’m not the same after doing your course Bec. I’ve literally been transformed. Janette

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