About Me

Processed and fast food has never been my thing.

I had my last Macca’s burger over 33 years ago and I stopped eating wheat bread, wheat pasta and drinking milk about the same time because I didn’t like the way they made me feel: bloated, brain fog and lagging energy.

This was way before gluten or lactose intolerance hit the scene, but food production of these foods had started to change. The wheat seed was being tampered with in a laboratory to make it grow faster and milk started to be homogenised. However, I failed for years in my attempts to quit refined sugar and there was so much angst attached to my food and sugar binges.

Fast forward a few years to 2012 and my sister (the best cook I know) made a throw away statement about me starting a business in health because I was so passionate about food and eating for life – it’s been a wild ride.

So with the help of a friend and a whole lot of laughs (because we didn’t know what we were doing, except that we wanted to help people eat more veg ), we made up weekly ‘boxes of organic goodness’ for customers to pick up from my garage. Only 4% of peeps eat enough veg for good health and this was our driver. It grew so quickly that we opened a beautiful organic veg and fruit shop and started home delivering.

As a certified integrative health coach and a lover of all things bright, beautiful and especially leafy greens, the journey has landed me here. In 2019 I had over 400 gals (and a few men – go the men) do my sell-out 5 session course – Path to Thriving – on the Gold Coast.

Light bulbs were switching on and peeps were ‘catching’ what it meant to feed the body intentionally every day with living and scrumptious foods and so I knew I had to get my courses online.


Food affects every area of our life.


We’re all so confused about what to eat, when really, it’s easy. I’m not paleo, vegetarian or vegan but my philosophy is to cook with a truck load of veg and whole foods, eat healthy fats, a little bit of good quality dairy (ditch the milk), to have no tolerance for refined sugar or toxic vegetable oils in my pantry, eat a little grass fed meat, stay hydrated, move your bod, manage your stress but most of all, COOK food that’s ridiculously yummy. Then your bods a happy camper.

As a society, we’re crazy about diet plans, detoxes or juice fasts and yet 2% of diets or programmes work. Why? We haven’t learnt ABOUT food and HOW it affects the body and HOW to shop for health. Plus, we haven’t learnt to cook from scratch. The big food manufactures are feeding our families because we have 3 generations that can’t cook and so we can’t sustain the weight loss, the quit sugar program gets thrown out the window and the ‘feel good’ benefits of the juice detox becomes a distant memory and the cycle starts again. We’re not nourishing our gut flora or our cells.

I wish I’d had a me back in the day because the road wouldn’t have been so rocky but I’m super thrilled that I can make your path smooth to help you create a delicious thriving food culture in your home that’s sustainable and fun.

No matter how many diets you’ve been on, or failed attempts to quit sugar and processed foods, you CAN and WILL change your life with delicious foods and simple daily protocols, so your gorgeous bod is nourished and doing its thing with excellence.

I’m  your own personal health coach to empower you and support you in your thriving lifestyle.

So whether you’re a newby to this healthy way, need a fresh wind of motivation and inspo or you just want a gold old revamp I’m excited for this journey ahead with you.

I’m passionate about seeing YOU thrive.