transformed her cooking

It’s true! I’m not the same after doing your course Bec. I’ve literally been transformed.

loving the flavours

There’s so much depth of flavour in the meals that I’m suddenly the best cook I know.

living her healthiest life

You’re amazing Bec. The course is life changing and something everyone should do for their health and their families. It has changed my life. 

changed her life

And the best thing is the food tastes amazing. Do yourself a favour and take the first step to changing your life.


Bec’s course is empowering. I’ve attended health retreats, health seminars and cooking demos, however, I never seem to be able to convert what I learned into a regular habit because it all seemed too challenging in my busy life. Bec’s course is different as she simplifies everything. 


I understand now that food is meant to be colourful, beautiful and delightful to eat and look at. 


Your knowledge is exceptional, and you have a gift for sharing in a way that’s easy to remember and makes sense. Your passion is inspiring and every time you speak, I hear your heart. You want people to get this and to fully thrive. Thank you. 


I started your course looking for good salad and veg recipes. You certainly delivered, but I have a whole new concept to improve my wellness and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Keep spreading the green gospel girl. God knows we need to hear it. 


My expectations of Path to Thriving were exceeded! Everything makes so much sense. 


Thanks so much Bec. I had lost motivation but so happy I found you and am starting on this amazing journey for my family. 

changed her health

Bec will change your view on food big time! I’ve done her course and learnt so much for long term health. Do yourself a favour, check it out. 

Are you ready to thrive!